Where we are going

The main goal set by the Ingenio San Isidro is to achieve production diversification from its raw material -sugar cane-, incorporating the latest technologies and the staff’s continuous training in order to achieve excellence in the products.

The path developed in the organic sugar cane production simultaneously awoke our concern for social issues. The organic sugar quality obtained in our mill broadly meets the highly demanding international standards which has allowed us entrance to markets such as United States, Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Germany, Holland, Japan, Israel and New Zealand, among others.

Where we are

The Ingenio San Isidro is located in the north of Argentina, in the town of Campo Santo, Department of General Güemes, 45 km from the Salta province capital. Its lands are crossed by the domestic routes 9 and 34.

National Route 9 links the province of Salta and the north of the country with Chile, through the passage of Sico. The National Highway 34 connects the region to the north with Bolivia through the passes of Agua Blanca and Salvador Maza, and with Chile through the passage of Jama; on the east it connects with the northeast, therefore with Paraguay and Brazil, and on the south with the rest of the country.

In the town of Güemes there is a railway junction that allows transit to the north of the country and Bolivia, and on the west side to Chile.