Ongoing dialogue with our workers

The labor force of Cartavio consists of over 1500 workers with suitable space and working conditions. They work under strict safety measures and provided with personal protection equipment that is frequently renewed, thus reducing the incidence of work accidents and minimizing negative impacts.

Cartavio fulfills its labor obligations on time, such as working compensation, social benefits and utilities, among others. Every year four 50 kg sugar sacks are handed to every worker.

There is constant communication with staff and its representatives. The best workers are awarded with a special recognition, “The great ones”, and a policy is kept for raising wages and giving promotions based on accomplishments and skills.

In order to promote their professional development and competitiveness, workers receive training both in technical and motivational approaches. The continuous integration and improvement project conducted with London Consulting stands out, as well as the implementation of ERP SAP and MyAgri, which allow the staff to make decisions and carry out online checkups.

There is a hospital with a team of doctors and nurses, a laboratory and equipment for the attention of our workers medical issues and concerns. Health campaigns are held for workers and their relatives, who participate as well in a program consisting of recreational and sport related activities throughout the year.