The beginnings of a great dream

While the name goes after a Hispanic saint, San Jacinto’s origin dates back to pre-Inca times. Evidence of this is the remains of cultural settlements in Punkuri, Pañamarca, Kiske and Cerro Blanco.

The Spanish Crown gave this land to the Jesuits who introduced sugar cane as part of the agricultural production in this part of Peru. Almost a century later the sugar production’s industrialization and modernization stage began, with the arrival of Scottish man Henry Swayne and the establishment of the Hacienda San Jacinto in 1868. After his death Augusto B. Leguía took charge of the management and left the position when he was elected President of Peru. In 1990, the Swayne family transferred ownership of San Jacinto to the Lockett family.

In 1947 the Negociación Azucarera Nepeña S.A (NANSA – Nepeña Sugar Trading), composed of British and Peruvian capital, was created.

The 1970 earthquake destroyed most of the town and the sugar complex and that same year the property was expropriated and turned into a cooperative managed by the workers.

In 1996, Grupo Picasso acquired control of San Jacinto with the purchase of a majority stake. 13 years later, October 22nd of 2009, it transferred its 72.62% participation to Corporación Azucarera del Perú-Grupo Gloria’s company-, thus beginning a new phase of investments, responsible management and business development.