We are the nation's largest sugar mill

Casa Grande SAA is an agribusiness dedicated to the cultivation and industrialization of sugar cane and its derivatives: sugar, alcohol, molasses and bagasse. It is located 610 km north of Lima, in the province of Ascope, Libertad region.

It is the country's largest sugarmill, with more than 30 thousand hectares. It became part of Grupo Gloria since January 29, 2006, beginning thereon a recovery path after a long decline period. Previously cultivated area totaled 11,000 hectares, the daily grind reached 4,000 tons on average and sugar production was 426 tons per day. Grupo Gloria has enabled Casa Grande to currently have more than 20 thousand cultivated hectares, its daily grind exceeds 9,000 tons and sugar production is around 1,000 tons per day.

Due to its great size, Casa Grande fields are controlled in three divisions: Rome with over 6,000 hectares, Farias with about 5,500, Casa Grande with 6,500 and a small annex Chicamita with 2,000 hectares.

The sugar mill works with two sinks, a mill and a diffuser. It also has a distillery, with an alcohol production capacity of 18 million liters per year.

Its growth has been based on the modernization of both the factory and laboratories, assurance of water resources with investments in wells, modern irrigation systems, expansion of the agricultural frontier, cutting-edge equipment acquisition and training of human resources.