Creating a new partnership

The partnership was formed as a result of changing the business model from the cooperative model (Cooperativa Agraria Sintuco Ltda.) to a limited company, as provided by the DL 802. Sintuco began its activities on March 11th 1997, when its constitution was registered in the Public Records, sheet 8127, La Libertad.

On May 3rd 2007, Sugar Corporation of Peru SA (Coazúcar) -a subsidiary of Grupo Gloria- acquired 45.29% of the Sintuco shares from Azucagro SA. On the same date it also bought most of the shares of the Agroindustrial Complex Cartavio SAA, which had 14.49% of the Sintuco shares. Thus, Grupo Gloria became owner of 59.8% of Sintuco’s social capital.

As part of Grupo Gloria, Sintuco provides Cartavio and Casa Grande with sugarcane and pest control wasps, managed under tight control by the National Agrarian Health Service (SENASA).