The oldest sugar mill in Peru

Cartavio S.A.A. is an agribusiness dedicated to the cultivation, processing and industrialization of sugarcane, as well as to marketing of the main business’ products and by-products, such as sugars (refined, white and brown), alcohol, molasses, bagasse, etc.

It is located 55 kilometers north of Trujillo, the spring city, on kilometer 600 of the Panamerican highway in the province of Ascope, Libertad region. This sugar mill, the oldest in the country, has been part of Grupo Gloria since May 3, 2007. It has an area of 7902.95 hectares and its fields are irrigated by the river Chicama.

It has over 6,500 hectares under cultivation. Daily grind exceeds 6,500 tons of cane and sugar production surpasses 700 tons per day. Its sugar mill works with two sinks and a mill. It also has a distillery with a capacity to produce 18 million liters of alcohol per year.

Cartavio S.A.A. is known for its extraction efficiency, recovery and juice processing thanks to its technological modernization, the processes’ strict quality control and its staff preparation.