Projecting into the future

The mill, situated in the province of Cañar, was founded in 1963 from the union of French-Ecuadorian capital, but it was only four years later that it started its first season with a production of two million bags annually. Back in the day it was considered the most modern mill in South America.

In the seventies it was nationalized and in 1994 it returned to private hands, after being acquired by an Ecuadorian group.

In 2004 the mill began a project to generate electricity using processed sugar cane waste. At the same time it began to invest in the purchase of turbo generators in order to improve the electric power generation system. From that time to date, it provides more than 30 MWH to the Ecuadorian electricity market every year.

In mid-2008, the mill was seized by the Ecuadorian government. After three years of state administration and two auctions, it was acquired in October 2011 by Grupo Gloria (Peru) and Peña y Jarrín (Ecuador), entrepreneurs with experience in the industrial, agricultural, service and transportation fields.