The most modern and efficient sugar refinery in the country

Agrolmos S.A. is a project that contemplates agro industrial activities with the objective of producing and commercializing sugar from the cultivation of sugarcane. It projects to activate more than 13,500 hectares of sugarcane fields with a mechanized irrigation system. Its mill capacity will be 5,600 tons per day in the first stage to produce 600 tons of brown sugar, which will be commercialized both locally and abroad. On a second stage, the mill capacity will reach 10,000 tons of sugarcane to produce 1,071 tons of refined sugar per day.

Located in the valleys of rivers Cascajal and Olmos, in the Lambayeque Department, Lambayeque Province, Olmos District; Agrolmos projects to be the most modern and efficient sugar refinery in the country regarding its technological operability for this type of industry. They will be using less water in their productive processes, will be self-generating their own energy and will be able to commercialize their surpluses to the electric network, will have state-of-the-art equipment that will replace the traditional “trapiches” (wheel grinders) to guarantee a better extraction of the sugar cane juice and a high performance at the end of the process.

With the use of technology, the results in the agronomic management are highly positive. The mechanized planting is made through GPS-guided machinery and in the mechanized sprinkling irrigation system circular pivots of 1000 meters in diameter are used to cover the irrigation of 95 hectares each, achieving the optimization of the water resource.

The Agrolmos irrigation plan is monitored from a screen and is programmed pivot to pivot from a computer, facilitating the movement speed of the equipment, the amount of irrigation hours and the fertilization level.

Another benefit offered by the project is that the processing plant, located at the center of the agricultural fields, will allow the reduction of costs in the transportation of sugarcane from the field to the plant.