Alcohol elaboration process


Honey or molasses are diluted in water obtained from the wort preparation process. Antibiotics or bactericidals are injected, during this stage, into the wort preparation line in order to reduce microbial loads.


The wort is transported to fermenters where yeast has previously been added. This cycle lasts between 9 and 12 hours. It is then pumped into a buffer tank and a centrifuge, separating wine from yeast.


The wine is stored in a flywheel tank; there on it passes to a distilling column to obtain a 45 ° to 50 ° GL (Gay-Lussac) alcohol. It is then sent to a hidroselector where "washing water" is added in order to remove volatile impurities. Finally it is separated from the excess water, called flemaza”, obtaining alcohol of 96 ° GL. To produce anhydrous alcohol (also called ethanol which is intended to be mixed with petrol) water is removed using a molecular sieve, concentrating the alcohol to 99,8 ° GL.