Driving progress and welfare of the community

Cartavio is the main engine of progress and welfare of its surrounding community. It maintains constant dialogue and openness with the local authorities and its organizations.

Safe drinking water, which is the most important resource in any given community, is provided for free by our company, which additionally conducts maintenance and constant control of the wells.

Throughout the year we carry out three projects: the first one is educational and is implemented with the support of the public sector educational organizations. The local and sport projects are held in alliance with the local authorities.

We have the “Francisco Xandóval” library containing more than seven thousand books. Here children, young school and college students, as well as their parents, can perform academic, research and reading activities. Mothers’ clubs also offer handicraft and sewing workshops.

The company keeps a policy of support towards citizen security and public services such as maintenance of parks and gardens, and cleaning through the donation of garbage collector units to the community.

The company workers have formed a volunteer group, “Friends of Cartavio”, and they perform social outreach activities in favor of the less privileged children within the community.