Our environment

The company’s environmental policy complies proactively and responsibly with current Peruvian legislation regarding environmental protection and sustainable use of natural resources; in accordance with the quality standards for our sugar and alcohol production operations, in order to avoid and/or minimize negative environmental implications.

Efforts are made to prevent pollution through the implementation of good environmental practices, appropriate management programs and use of clean technology that is economically viable; promoting as well a culture of environmental awareness within our employees, making them conscious of their obligations regarding environmental protection and recovery.

We focus on continuously improving the performance of our environmental system, which is regularly monitored in order to ensure a better quality of life and a healthy environment for both the company and the society.

With the advice and assessment of a registered environmental consultant, Casa Grande is managing its Environmental Management and Compliance Program (PAMA) and has developed a program for environmental control and monitoring in order to keep activities from affecting the community.

We have also started an investment project for a gas scrubber system in the existing boilers, which is being gradually executed. Our investment towards the new TSXG boiler, which will ensure control of emissions well below the maximum permissible limits, completes the environmental improvement program.