Our community

Casa Grande is the main engine of progress in its surrounding community. It maintains constant dialogue and openness with the local authorities and its entities, participating in all of the development processes.

Safe drinking water, which is the most important resource in any given community, is provided for free by our company, which also conducts maintenance and constant control of the wells.

We have also provided local sports and recreational venues to the local government, as well as community centers that were previously property of Casa Grande. Thanks to this donation, currently under process in the town hall offices, all the people will now have access to them.

We also carry out educational projects that are conducted in cooperation with Ugel (“Unidad de Gestión Educativa Local” being, local educational administration units) and the participation of educational institutions and local projects that are coordinated with the Municipality and its neighborhood organizations where cleaning and highway improvement campaigns stand out, as well as, sports academies, “Little champions”, run by the company itself.

We have provided two libraries where school students can take care of their academic activities, and a where reading comprehension program directed to children with learning difficulties is conducted. Handicraft, sewing, cooking and pastry workshops are also carried out for all the women in the community.

The company maintains a citizen security support policy in coordination with the local police.

Our workers have formed a volunteer group: “Friends of Casa Grande” and they perform social outreach activities in favor of less privileged groups within the community.