Active participation in the community

One of the policies that are fully complied by Agroindustria San Jacinto is social responsibility, which involves a close relationship with the communities and towns in its jurisdiction. Some of the actions executed by our company in this regard are listed below.

We supply water to the population, as well as power to the center well which was transferred to the town hall.

San Jacinto has a library suitable for students of all levels of education thanks to its remarkable bibliographic volume, its computer support system and its playing materials. Throughout the year it has had more than 3,400 registered attendees. Similarly, a computer center is being implemented, which means another great support towards education in the area.

The museum and archaeological monument of Punkurí also receive significant attention from our company, given that we allocate staff that is responsible for the management and maintenance of one of the most representative cultural centers in Peru.

Through the MINSA (Ministerio de Salud del Perú/ Peruvian Health Ministry) health post our company makes another valuable contribution to the Sanjacinteña community, handling night time shifts with two medical doctors and a permanent emergency service.

The San Jacinto Recreation Center has become a leader in the touristic and recreational context, and its regional significance is evident through the presence of more than seven thousand visitors per year. It works simultaneously as the host for a summer youth program that is operated by a cultural institution with dance and theater workshops. Six young disabled persons work there, supported economically by our company.

Local authorities and communities in the neighboring towns to San Jacinto receive ongoing support. Farm machinery is available for road improvement, waterfront defense and other activities.

The company actively participates in local patrons’ and religious festivities, demonstrating respect for San Jacinto’s customs and traditions.